The Movement Project

The Movement Project


Chalk is a haven, a secure space where children can learn to trust themselves. It's a place where physical, emotional, and social skills naturally and safely develop. Our tiny people acquire the knowledge and skills to confidently step into school, feeling prepared to make the right choices, challenge themselves, try their best, and understand that sometimes they'll succeed, while other times they'll encounter failures. But regardless of the outcome, they are always learning and growing.



No prior experience required

Our Teaching Approach and Content Focus: Learning through movement

Spanish Immersion

¡En sus marcas, listos, fuera! (On your marks, get set, go!) CHALK naturally integrates Spanish into our daily curriculum. Research shows that children exposed to dual language environments develop greater cognitive capacity and critical thinking skills. We incorporate Spanish into our daily activities, both during and after structured learning time.

Real-World Engagement in Nature and Agriculture

We take a hands-on approach to understanding the farm-to-table movement, animal husbandry, and gardening. Our children get their hands dirty as they learn about how these concepts provide food, clothing, and thriving economies through trade. We offer a Pre/K program resembling 4-H/FFA, giving kids the opportunity to explore nature and agriculture in a fun and educational way.

Fostering Confidence and Social Skills

The Movement Project builds confidence and enhances social skills through Spanish immersion and a wide range of play and movement-based learning activities. Our 8,000+ square feet gymnastics and parkour gym provides a natural space for children to run, jump, roll, tumble, sing, dance, and have fun.

Engaging with Agriculture and Nature

We encourage exploration of seasonally curated hands-on farm-to-table projects, including animal care, gardening, egg and vegetable harvesting, and basic meal preparation.

Comprehensive Learning

Our program covers a range of concepts, including social/emotional skills, fine and gross motor skills, cognitive development, conflict resolution, respect, and manners.

Building Trust and Independence

We believe in giving kids the ultimate resource – TRUST. We trust in their ability to assess situations, make plans, and understand their limits. We help them sharpen these skills, providing them with tools and resources to become better at self-awareness.

A Graduate Of The Movement Project Exudes These Qualities:
  • Socially well-rounded
  • Bilingual (English/Spanish)
  • A steward of the land and the earth
  • Strong understanding of agriculture/farming
  • Culturally aware and appreciative of diversity
  • Strong in motor skills, balance, coordination
  • Active, engaged in sports, enjoys movement
  • Strongly connected to "the 4 B’s"

Program Details, Pricing and Specifics:

  • Ages: 3-5 Years Old
  • Hours: 8:30 AM - 12:20 PM

  • Drop-off is at 8:30 AM, and the first pick-up begins at 12:20 PM. Any pick-up after 12:30 will result in a one-dollar-per-minute charge due in cash at the time of pick-up to the Director.
  • Children need to bring a water bottle, a change of clothes, and a nut-free healthy snack.
  • Full potty-training is a requirement for admission to our program.
  • Make-Up Policy: If your child misses a day due to illness or weather-related closures, you may schedule a make-up day by communicating with the program director.
  • Tuition is billed via autopay on the first of each month.

Class schedule & registration

Registration is open year round when there are openings in the class. Drop-ins are not available in our classes programs, but registered students may make up, transfer or cancel with the appropriate notice. See FAQs for full details.


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