Open Gym Parties

Get ready to celebrate your child's special day in style at Chalk Gymnastics with our fantastic birthday party packages! Our birthday parties are a blast, and we're excited to help you create cherished memories.

Party Details:

  • Rental Time Slots: Choose from available time slots: 10 am to 12 pm, 12 pm to 2 pm, or 2 pm to 4 pm. Please plan your party within this two-hour window, as there's no early arrival or late departure option.
  • Reserved Space: Enjoy a two-hour private rental of Fort Chalk, where you can set up your cake, ice cream, gifts, and all things birthday.
  • Guests: Invite your guests accordingly, as the birthday party room is reserved only for the scheduled time. There's no additional time for setup or teardown before or after the party.
  • Waiver: All guests must fill out a waiver before they can enter the gym to play.
  • Settlement: To ensure a smooth conclusion to your party, kindly settle the bill 15 minutes before your scheduled end time.
  • Cleanup: We request that you clean and wipe down tables and dispose of trash in the designated dumpster located outside the building to the South. Remember, a $50 cleaning fee will be applied if the space is left in disarray.
  • Party Rules: Please adhere to our gym rules at all times, and ensure the table usage ends on time while cleaning up any messes. Be aware that outdoor tables may be shared with other events happening in the main gym area.
  • Food & Drinks: You have the flexibility to bring your choice of foods and drinks to make the party even more enjoyable.
  • Fee Structure: The fee for hosting a birthday party at Chalk is $100 for the two-hour rental of Fort Chalk, and an additional $10 per invited guest. This package includes a three-hour pass to Open Gym, which can be enjoyed alongside the two-hour reserved time in the Fort Chalk rental building.

We hope you have a fantastic time celebrating at Chalk, and we look forward to making your child's birthday extra special!

Note: Parties must adhere to the scheduled time slots, as the next party starts promptly at the following scheduled block.

  • See Schedule below for availability.
  • Reserve under the name of the birthday child


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