The Main Gym

6500 Square Feet of Awesome

Gymnastics & Parkour studio
  • Full Size Gymnastics Floor
  • Uneven bars and many small bar setups
  • 2 High Beams, several low beams
  • Vault, Vault Trainer
  • Mats Mats Foam Shapes and more Mats
  • Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse Trainer
  • 3 Aerial Silks and 1 climbing rope (25' high)
  • Huge Rogue Rig for Ninjas
  • Regulation Height Warped Wall
  • 2 Max Air Super Tramps and various platforms
  • Airbag
  • Small Climbing Wall
  • Lots of parkour wooden and foam shapes
  • Retail Pro Shop Area
  • Bleacher Peanut Gallery

Fort Chalk

A secondary training space - 2500 more feet of awesome

  • Half size floor
  • 3 Aerial Silks and a climbing rope (15' high)
  • Monkey bar / ninja training rig
  • Mats and Foam Shapes
  • Coaches and chairs
  • Preschool, afterschool, party lounge, craft, reading, party area


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