After School

After School


When school's out, the fun begins! Hop on the May Street & Westside or Parkdale Shuttle Bus after your school day ends, and join us for an exciting adventure at Chalk. Each day comes packed with surprises:

  • A Thrilling Shuttle Ride to Chalk
  • Two Hours of After Care at Chalk
  • One Hour of Fun and Learning with a Chalk Coach (Subjects vary daily)

During After Care, dive into the world of Open Gym as soon as you arrive at Chalk. Whether you want to tackle schoolwork, relax, or hang out with friends, this time is all yours. Our Chalk Coach-led session is a fantastic opportunity to explore different topics and activities each day.

Customize Your Child's Schedule
If your child has their eye on a specific Chalk class, they can work with our administration to tailor their schedule. This flexibility allows them to leave aftercare for their class and return based on its timing. Keep in mind that some classes and aftercare modifications may involve additional fees, but we offer discounts for shuttle-only options or partial time, ensuring you can create the perfect configuration for your child.


  • Please notify your child's school and your child that they'll be picked up by the Chalk Shuttle Van.
  • For longer classes or extended aftercare, reach out to our administration via Additional fees may apply.
  • One-Five Sessions per Week
  • 1-3 Hours per Session
  • 12 spots per Class
  • Year round open enrollment
  • Monthly autopay
  • Membership Required to Enroll

Sibling Open Gym

All Levels | All Ages

  • Open to All Children including Siblings of Children in Classes
  • Drop-ins welcome for One-Hour Blocks of Time
  • All Safety Rules must be followed at all times

Sibling Open Gym is a fantastic opportunity for children to enjoy some active playtime. It's not just for siblings; any child can join in on the fun! This exciting open gym session takes place on weekdays during after-school hours, from 2:30 PM to 5:30 PM. The available play area may vary depending on ongoing classes, but there's always plenty of fun to be had. Drop-ins are welcome for one-hour blocks, making it convenient for kids to participate. Our camp counselor is there to supervise and ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.

If you're interested in extending your child's time at Chalk, we offer a convenient shuttle service that picks up from several schools in the Hood River County School District. This service is part of our After School Program, which includes the full three-hour session of Sibling Open Gym. For more details on our shuttle service and after-school offerings, please refer to our After School Program page.

  • 1-5 sessions per week
  • 1 Hour per Session
  • 12 Spots per Class
  • Year Round Open Enrollment
  • Drop-Ins Only


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